Gateware Software ISP Billing Solution

Gateware ISP Billing Solution is a billing, service provisioning and account management solution designed to meet the needs of those providing network or Internet services. Keeping it simple with a very easy-to use interface, Gateware ISP Billing solution provides real time updates regarding user status, resellers' balance, and data usage in addition to many other variables.

The software is designed to be very efficient, where management of a large number of users may be required. It also provides the flexibility to be customized according to your different organization needs.

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Some of the features of our software include

4 levels of authentication (Root, ISP, Resellers and Sub resellers)

Support for fractional or whole month billing

Real-time usage rating simultaneously at ISP and reseller AND sub reseller levels

Multiple location support

Automatic calculation of resellers’ commission on addition, modification or renewal of user accounts related to a sub reseller

Resellers can set custom pricing on a per service type basis

ISP can place limits on each resellers Active Users Count

Download and upload rate control per account or group

Bandwidth quota control, unlimited or with daily cap

Logging of all the transactions occurring on the system where ISP has a full view of all the resellers, subresellers and users' activities.

Financial Transactions Tracking.

Easy Install, Affordable Pricing and excellent support


What did our customers say?

We needed to provide a simple and easily accessible interface for Radius and billing control panel so our resellers can be adapted to it fast, but had no experience in developing such applications. After doing some research on the web we were no wiser, it all looked rather complicated. We did however come across Gateware Software and decided to give them a call in the time that we were feeling that such systems cost a fortune and need long time and process to be done. They were very helpful and identified the hardware we would need as well as the time needed for the development process ‘a doodle!’ and whilst I wasn’t convinced they did sound very confident. We pitched the idea to our customers who loved it and announced that we would need to demo it at a meeting in two weeks’ time!

The support we got was excellent. We received some training to get us started. They also provided our developers with some sample code and easy to use APIs. We hadn’t developed in Php before but just to add to the challenge. They started the project and by 7 weeks it was more or less done – it really was a doddle! The objects are very easy to use and hide all the complicated stuff out of the way. The development and configuration they did were really super complicated. After all it’s not easy to control all the stuff of billing and internet speed for 30 thousand users online, but they did it and all users were online on the new system in less than 2 days after they performed a thorough testing for the delivered system to detect if there’s any compatibility issues with our network before going online. They helped us with running all the test scenarios and fixed any issues that appeared on the spot very quickly. They were very accurate and detail oriented.

Nothing was too much trouble for the team at Gateware who even rang to help us many times even on Saturdays. The support didn’t stop there and they have been a great help in developing it further since. They have been genuinely interested in what we were doing and how we were going to do it. We would recommend them to anyone who is considering developing very sensitive and complicated solutions, the product and the people are really first class.

Anis Kawtharani

CIO Ferrari-Networks s.a.r.l